Search PubMed Articles

Search PubMed using words or even a DNA/protein sequence to create a tag cloud showing an overview of important concepts and trends. LigerCat aggregates multiple articles in PubMed, combining the associated MeSH descriptors into a cloud, weighted by frequency.

Visualize MeSH Descriptors

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) is a controlled vocabulary created and maintained by the National Library of Medicine and applied to categorize and index journal articles in biomedical science.

Search from Tag Clouds

Simply click on one or more MeSH descriptors in a tag cloud to instantly search PubMed for those terms instantly. Selecting more than one term finds articles tagged with all selected MeSH descriptors.

BLAST a Gene Sequence

Paste in FASTA-formatted nucleotides or protein sequences. Example sequence

Explore Tag Clouds

The given sequence is run through BLAST, then searched in PubMed

Craft Queries to PubMed

By clicking on MeSH Descriptors

View Publication History

Articles by year, relevant to given sequence

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